Small Changes

What We Have Achieved So Far

Total Funds Raised 2014-2017

Beneficiaries Funded 2014-2017

Fundraiser 2018

Target: RM 140,000.00

Beneficiaries Funded 2018

Target: 1000

Small Changes Big Differences Campaign 2018

We are pleased to announce our campaign for 2018; #IAmPrivileged! The campaign focuses on raising awareness and the fundamental understanding of privilege, which also promotes healthy discussions on the issue amongst the society. #IAmPrivileged targets everyone to join in the journey of helping our beneficiaries through our 3 main projects;

  • Fundraiser
    • Crowdfunding project to fundraise our 2 biggest projects. We aim to empower 1000 lives through this initiative.
  • Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camps
    • 2-year project to empower underprivileged students across Malaysia. We aim to address educational inequity existing among students in rural areas.
  • Project Aspire to Inspire
    • 3-year project to empower Orang Asli community in Tangkak, Johor by providing education, economic and social empowerment. This year will mark the 3rd year for the project to be conducted in Tangkak Johor.

The fundraiser acts as the sponsor for Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camps and Project Aspire to Inspire.

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Transaction details via bank transfer, either using CDM or e-banking:

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