About Us

Small Changes was established with the ethos of creating small changes that lead to big differences. The ethos has enabled Small Changes to develop a multitude of social development programs whilst spreading social awareness campaigns on social issues throughout the years.

Today, we aim to establish a solid foundation centralising our youth volunteer community in providing an empowerment platform, hankering education and community development as our focus areas. It is fundamental for the youth, who will be the linchpin of nation progress and leaders of the future, to delve and involve in the social building process and understand their roles in the frame of a nation building.

Small Changes will not be a mere volunteering community, but with the aspiration to create a mutual empowerment and inspiration to both volunteers and beneficiaries in the course of our program engagement. We construct the framework of Small Changes such that we direct our resources in undertaking high impact programs, prioritising them before us in delivering our actions. We cordially invite to embark on this journey of making small yet meaningful and positive changes and for a better Malaysia.



Small Changes was inspired by many factors.

The idea of Small Changes first came during a leisure but productive meeting in 2011 within a group of friends who would like to put their time to useful activities. Unperturbed by the limitation of time and resources, they started the “small changes, big differences” ideology. It is a mind shift that believes any small changes we make will lead to big differences, either in our life or in others’. It is a belief that one does not need to be grandeur in action to make an impact, which sometimes will lead to inaction due to the feeling of smallness by oneself therefore believing they will be insignificant. We believe in tapping the skills of people and channelling them to be useful.


The fact is, though talents are randomly distributed in life, opportunities are not.IMG_8745

We believe that every person should be given equal chance in being the best person that they can aspire to be in life.


We hope that you will join us and contribute in whatever ways that you can in making this project a success.

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