Our Mission Plan


Making small changes by providing volunteering network and empowerment platform that lead to big differences.


  1. To develop and nurture the spirit of volunteering among Malaysian youths.
  2. To act as a volunteering network and connector of common cause organisations.
  3. To instill the value of professionalism at the heart of volunteering.
  4. To act as a trusted and integrated agent of social change through fundraising and social business.
  5. To empower youths through the empowerment by education.
  6. The empower youth through involvement in community development.
  7. To engage society with high-impact projects that help build a better society.



  • We aim to empower our team members, volunteers and beneficiaries to develop and to grow to their fullest potentials. We firmly believe that by polishing skills and applying our knowledge altogether, there are no boundaries to success. It’s our passion to drive forward together that allows us to reach greater heights and success.


  • Most of our projects and events promotes volunteerism in order to make a  positive change in the community. As a team, we work together hand in hand to give back to the unfortunates. At the end of the day, it goes back to the saying “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”

Them Before Us

  • Putting our beneficiaries before us is something that we prioritize. We measure our performance based on their success because we want to make an impact in the lives of our beneficiaries. It is our duty to ensure that we have brought a change to them that can change the course of their lives for a better future

Social Consciousness

  • The society reflects the image of the nation. In Small Changes, we believe we are obliged to create social consciousness in our society and engage in projects and events to ensure the welfare of the unfortunates in our society. It is the most basic law of humanity that no one should live an unfortunate life and it is our mission to ease their burden by working together as a team to restore humanity.

“How Do We Do It?”

1) Organize Fundraisers

It all begins here when we first started. We make it a point every year that Small Changes organizes an annual fundraiser to our beneficiaries. Through this event is what we believe that strengthens SC relationship within our members, networking partners and beneficiaries.


2) Inspire Future Leaders

‘We rise by lifting others’. This is what we believe in. Throughout our experiences, we realize that our passion in helping others actually does contribute a greater impact. In certain way, it inspired our beneficiaries to strive for a better future and for us to do more. Despite the fact that we are not a certified expert in giving motivational talk, we do give talks that comes from various life experience to our young striving youth.


3) Promote Awareness

Since SC consists of members that comes from all sort of background, we tend to constantly receive updates from our members concerning social or environmental issues surrounding them. We always leverage on the networking relationship we have as well as our social media platform, and also try our best assist and promote the awareness.


4) Collaborate With Other Organizations

In any event we always believe in leveraging with others in making a greater impact to the causes of our activity. We always believe in collaborating with people we can learn from.


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