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Q: What is Small Changes?

A: Small Changes is a non-profit group made up of volunteers in Malaysia.

Q: When was Small Changes established?

A: Small Changes was established in 2011 by a group of young professionals.

Q: What does Small Changes actually do?

A: Small Changes have been doing many social outreach projects, mainly focusing on fundraising & youth empowerment programs.

Q: Is Small Changes affiliated with any government/corporate/political parties?

A: Although the members of Small Changes may come from a variety of background, Small Changes remain independent from any government/corporate/political institute.

Q: Where is Small Changes located at?

A: Our projects have reached out to most parts of Malaysia but Small Changes members are concentrated in the Klang Valley area (more specifically Subang Jaya area).

Q: Who are your target audience?

A: For the members, we target mostly youth & young adults ranging from 18 year olds to 40 year olds. Most of our members are either pursuing their tertiary education (locally & internationally) or currently pursuing their career.

For the beneficiaries, we target underprivileged youth ranging from 6 year olds to 18 year olds.

Q: Do Small Changes only help underprivileged youth?

A: Although our target beneficiaries are underprivileged youth, we also do other charity work such as post-flood relief aid, Ramadan food aid for refugees & visits to old folks retirement homes.

Q: What are Small Changes past project?

A: We do an annual fund raising project (Seeds of Seeds) to fund our other projects throughout the year. We also do annual motivational camps for underprivileged students in rural area. Other projects include Ramadan iftar sessions & Hari Raya shopping spree with our beneficiaries, post-flood aid relief, food donation drive, soft-skill lecture series with university students, entrepreneurship workshops & exercise, reading corner refurbishment project as well as a whole list of other projects that we collaborated with our NGO partners.

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