It all began with a vision of making small changes in the community, by providing volunteering opportunities and an empowerment platform, to make big differences. Hence, a group of young professionals founded Small Changes which is currently is run by volunteers based locally and internationally.

Initially, Small Changes focused on fighting education inequality through youth empowerment programs. Over the years, Small Changes has grown by reaching out to the community through fundraising, donation drives, and projects involving underprivileged students and Orang Asli (indigenous people).

Fundraiser serves as a platform for Small Changes to raise funds from the public to support Small Changes’ projects and beneficiaries as well as creating awareness on the chosen annual cause.

This year, the team is putting forward initiatives namely the annual fundraiser event, online campaigns and a brand new volunteer-based fundraising project, Fund Ranger to fundraise from the public.


Ever wondered why we want to help our adik- adik in rural Pahang, Selangor and Kelantan whilst also trying to aid our Orang Asli friends in Tangkak, Johor?

Well, let us tell you a few stories through this video!


This year, we are bringing a new initiative to include the you directly in our fundraising campaign by becoming one of our Fund Rangers. All you need to do is sign up to become the Fund Ranger and we will assist you along the way for you to organize activities to fundraise for the cause.

Why should you become a Fund Ranger? Just imagine how your raised funds could benefit the underprivileged students and Orang Asli community! Remember that good deeds go a long way, no matter how much you give. You’re our official ambassador to fight for the cause and you will also be provided with the certificate for your involvement.

PlatinumMore than RM3000Certificate, merchandise, SC T-shirt and honorable mention at our social media channels
GoldBetween RM2500 and RM3000Certificate, merchandise and SC T-shirt
SilverBetween RM1500 and RM2500Certificate and merchandise
BronzeBetween RM500 and RM1500Certificate

Like previous years, we are launching the online fundraiser campaign at our social media channels for the mass to contribute to the cause. The campaign would start on May and last for a month.

Annual Fundraiser is the peak to the fundraising campaign. This one-day event would be held at a public venue and includes various activities such as musical performances, flash mobs, drawing for charity, bazaars and many more!


The fundraiser was held at RUANG in Subang Jaya to continue the Ramadan campaign; the theme focus in 2014 were refugees. They fostered awareness in the public using the ‘Whiteboard Counter’ method and boosted collections to approximately RM67,000. At the end of the year, Small Changes started an online campaign to help out the flood victims in the east coast of the Peninsular.

With the growing public attention, the fundraiser event rebranded into Seeds of Deeds Annual Fundraiser which was focused on education inequality. The Annual Fundraiser Event was held at Publika and a total of RM70,000 was collected.

In this year, the organisation leveraged on its online presence to raise public awareness on education inequality prior to its annual event at NU Sentral. Throughout the campaign, the organization successfully raised at least RM100,000 in total.

In this year, the fundraiser event took place at RUANG SS18 where a different approach was taken – a showcase of talents by the multitalented members and partners. Despite not reaching the targeted value, the campaign managed to gain funds up to RM 65,0000.


Last year, it was a double-success for Alvin Netto that Saturday night at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, being the first Malaysian to run backwards non-stop with 11 hours and 23 minutes thus breaking Malaysian Book of Records and surpassed his RM10,000 fundraising target on the SimplyGiving’s fundraiser page. During the 12 hours run, SC committees collectively worked together through time-keeping, crowd management and sales of SC’s merchandises.

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