Our Beginnings

Small Changes was founded in 2011, by a group of young adults in Subang Jaya. The idea of forming an organisation came about from their lepak sessions then turned into a session where good intention and ideas were discussed and made possible to benefit others. Unperturbed by the limitation of time and resources, they started the “Small Changes, Big Differences” ideology. It is a mind shift that believes any small changes we make will lead to big differences, either in our life or in others’. The organisation was officially registered with the Registrar of Youth (ROY) under the name Kelab Belia Transformasi Jalan Dutamas in January 2018. The registration number is PPBM:KT0621/14/18.

“Small Changes, Big Differences” is a belief that one does not need to be grandeur in action to make an impact, which sometimes will lead to inaction due to the feeling of smallness by oneself therefore believing they will be insignificant. We believe in tapping the skills of people and channeling them to be useful. This has consequently lead to the desire in doing good for the Malaysian society as a whole.

Today, Small Changes is currently being helmed by the second generation, consisting of a team of enthusiastic youths who are responsible in executing major constructions of the organisation’s framework.We are in the process of realigning this organisation’s focus whilst trying to capitalise on our network of energetic souls in doing good.


Previous Projects & Programmes


  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Buka Puasa with Asrama Haluan Penyayang
  • Small Changes Kelantan Camp


  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Buka Puasa with Asrama Haluan Penyayang
  • Art Street with Yayasan Chow Kit
  • Kelantan Flood Relief
  • Talk with Monash Students
  • Small Changes Motivational Camp in Kedah and Penang


  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Sounds Good Concert with partnering NGO
  • SC Kitchen Run with Souka
  • Buka Puasa with Asrama Haluan Penyayang
  • Seeds of Deeds (SC) Motivational Camp in Kelantan, Perak and Kedah


  • Annual fundraiser
  • Aspire to Inspire camp in Tangkak Johor
  • Seeds of Deeds Motivational Camp in Pahang, Kelantan and Selangor

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