Presidential speech

“Working with a charity body wasn’t something that I ever imagined when I’m 23. As a youth and undergraduate myself 👨‍💻, we do have little resources to give back to the society and what I could give is only my time and a little of my allowance to go around and help people. Little did I know that choice was all I ever wanted, thus I created amazing memories working with Small Changes over the span of 3 years.

I’ve met inspiring and passionate friends 👬 👭from all walks of life, and we worked together in creating positive impacts in our society, with the little might we have. Together we cried blood, sweat and tears in making sure we can deliver our best to our beneficiaries. This year was like no other as well, we worked hard and we managed to deliver 3 projects successfully; Seeds of Deeds: Reinforced, Seeds of Deeds: Flagship and Aspire to Inspire (Orang Asli Communal Development) – with many stories to share with all of you #HumansOfSC. To our fellow facilitators, we’re glad that you have accepted our call to help the underprivileged and hopefully, the memories you had with our beneficiaries have etched in our hearts ❣, so you could be a part of the Better Malaysia.

Being a part of Small Changes, over the years we have watched our adik-adik (beneficiaries) grew in front of our eyes. Just days ago, I met one of our beneficiaries and he is studying in UITM taking his Foundation in Law. From a low esteemed person, he grew confidence and decided he wanted to pursue law👨‍💼 after SPM! How great is that! Many finally met their newfound confidence from our camps, and they have been amazing ever since. It’s heartwarming to see our adik-adik taking their path of success, wherever they may be. To our beneficiaries that we took care of over the years, abang will always have faith in you and we always welcome you back to give back to thciety. Give back to the society that builds you up. Go dik go!

I’m glad at the age of 23, I had the chance to be in a room full of passionate people that dreamed of positive changes in our society. It is something that I dream Malaysia could be in the future. A more inclusive, diverse, and aspirational Malaysia. “

Daryl Albright
President of Small Changes 17/18

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