Project Aspire to Inspire


Project Aspire to Inspire, a long term project for the minority. “Aspire to Inspire”,  simply defined as the dreams and possibilities dreamt by less unfortunate minorities, fulfilled using an inspirational tool regarded as self-empowerment. This project was founded during late June 2016, by highly aspired youths whom wanted to transform the Orang Asli towards community empowerment by having education as the main platform.

As a start, a mini empowerment camp was conducted at Orang Asli village settlement located at Kampung Tanah Gembur, Tangkak, Johor. The camp adopted implementation structure from the project partner, Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camps 2016. The camp was a success in managing to empower 60 children from the 3 village blocks at Kampung Tanah Gembur utilizing 14 volunteers and 7 committee members.

For 2017, our pilot project is planned to be a 3-year long term project. A form of shift from normal empowerment camps towards sustainable community empowerment that focuses both on the children and adults. The 3-year project is scheduled to start during end of August 2017 by refurbishment of the Community Engagement Centre and conducting Educational Empowerment Camp at Kampung Tanah Gembur, Tangkak Johor.


To create a self-sustainable Orang Asli community. The community which is able to stabilize and support themselves using the soft skills that has been learnt independently. We would want our Orang Asli children to able to sustain the academic knowledge they gained from us by implementing in into their academic practice at their respective schools.

To cultivate the sense of belonging and responsibility towards the facilities, as the community will be entrusted to preserve and organize the facilities provided so they are exposed to management skills. This is ensure the community are independent to manage the facilities and skills provided without the assistance of third parties.

To transform the Orang Asli community from low achievers into high achievers for both adults and children. For the adults, achievement that is soft-skills and knowledge towards the soft skills by expansion of skills into different channels instead for personal gain. Moreover, for the children from being a low achiever in academics, we plan to transform them into high achievers by making them proficient in English and other selected subjects such as Mathematics and Science.

To ensure our Orang Asli community are aware of their capabilities and believe in themselves to change their course of future. We would want the community to be stable and determined in being their own reason towards change in taking the first step towards sustainability of their incomes. We would want the children to change their standards from being a low academic achiever into high achiever.


    • To provide a strong platform for the Orang Asli community towards self-sustainability through soft-skills development
    • To minimize school dropouts amongst Orang Asli community thus provide interest towards education
    • To emphasize on the reality of Orang Asli community and encourage Malaysian youths to be involved with the community
  • To foster the sense of volunteerism and community responsibility amongst Malaysian youths

What do we do?

A project that aims to empower Orang Asli community. A long term project that determines Orang Asli settlement that requires assistance. The project creates few base implementations such as educational empowerment camps and facilities based projects for the community as a platform. The platform which is to be utilized by the Orang Asli community regardless of education nor skills to develop themselves into independent community which will be closely monitored by the project management for 3 year duration period. Monitoring that is conducted using various assessment based activities, workshops and camps.

Project Aspire to Inspire 2018

For our Project Aspire to Inspire 2017 full report, please click here.


An exciting news! This year we will have our Project Aspire To Inspire : Refugee Edition 2019. The recruitment drive for this project had closed. Below the details of this project:

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