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Project Beanstalk


The name ‘Beanstalk’ was inspired from a classical yet meaningful story, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Beanstalk symbolises how something that started out small, with hard work, determination and a little motivation, could eventually grow into something so tall, that only sky’s the limit.

Project Beanstalk is a community project specialising in the welfare of parentless children and children receiving zakat money (asnaf) in Malaysia. The project touches on character building activities while providing them with the necessary knowledge and support in order for them to grow and achieve their dreams. We want to enhance their technical as well as their soft skills. Above all, we want to give them the privilege of having someone who cares about them like most of us are privileged with; we want to give them a family, with aspiring older brothers and sisters to look up to.

This project was introduced by Small Changes in November 2016 and it will be in its pilot year in 2017.


To empower our beneficiaries by building a strong personality while developing their interest to achieve their goals to have a brighter future ahead.

To instil self-appreciation by establishing a positive attitude that can balance their mental and emotional state and hence, creating a sense of belonging.

Giving back to the society
To provide an eye-opening experience to our volunteers thus creating an awareness that we need more help in building a better society.


  • To conduct character building activities.
  • To provide our beneficiaries with the necessary knowledge and support in order for them to grow and achieve their dreams.
  • To enhance our beneficiaries’ technical and soft skills.
  • To let our beneficiaries experience what it’s like to have a family who cares.
  • To equip our beneficiaries with the necessary informal education.

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