Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camps

Project Background

At Small Changes, we believe in the efforts of reducing the urban-rural education by empowering the rural youths with role models and education exposure. We believe every small contribution will produce a ripple effect that continues to generate big differences in the future, thus echoing our motto of “small changes, big differences”. In 2011, a pilot camp was executed and funded by family and friends of the founding members. Since then, Seeds of Deeds project has expanded to impact more underprivileged students across Malaysia, with huge emphasis on developing student’s self efficacy, character building and exposure to tertiary education.


Confidence in Using English
      To encourage the proper use of English command among students.

Post-School Opportunities
      To instil the will to pursue tertiary education.

Holistic Individuals
      To facilitate students with both academic and non-academic skills.

Nurture and Empowerment of Talents
      To inspire students so they could embrace their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camps Logo 2019

Application Period: Open!

Phase 1: 20th-30th June 2019

Phase 2: Selangor 16-18 August 2019

                   Penang    20-23 August 2019

                   Melaka    23-25 August 2019

Videos and Pictures from Past Camps

History of Camps

Frequently Asked Questions For Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions For Volunteers

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