What Is FundRanger?

“FundRanger” is a fundraising initiative where the volunteers from the general public and Small Changes committee members will raise funds for Small Changes as a FundRanger. The objective of FundRanger is to implement the spirit of volunteerism amongst the FundRangers as well as to raise awareness on the education difficulties faced by underprivileged communities in Malaysia.

They can plan their own initiatives or activities throughout the fundraising period and Finance Officers will be assigned to supervise and liaise with the rangers. All proceeds from this initiative will be utilized solely through our programmes; Seeds of Deeds Empowerment Camp, Project Beanstalk and Project Aspire to Inspire (Refugee Edition) in 2021. FundRangers use SimplyGiving as the platform to raise their funds for the fundraising initiative. Some of this year’s FundRangers are as below:

We are recruiting FundRangers!

Jom Borak and No Rice Challenge by Shazlina Yazis:

Run2Fund by Ayep Azham:

Run 4 Education Virtual Run by Priscilla and Marjory –

Proofread For Charity by The Culturists –