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Small Changes had continued its SOD legacy by organising a 7-day education empowerment camp in collaboration with Teach for Malaysia (TFM). The beneficiaries consisted of Form 4 students from 7 different schools in Pasir Gudang, Johor with the main focus of guiding the beneficiaries to be more confident in speaking and learning English.

Several games and activities were planned and executed through modules created by the facilitators. These modules were made to test the students’ capabilities in a wide range of aspects. Some of the modules were catered to boost their confidence in speaking English through activities such as sales pitching, video filming and short drama. 

Apart from educational activities, activities to enhance soft skills including critical thinking, crisis management and teamwork were also implemented. These modules were designed to expose the beneficiaries to future opportunities such as the routes to be taken post SPM, preparations for tertiary education and career pathways.  

It is believed that the SOD Flagship camp 2018 helped equip the students with adequate knowledge and skills to empower themselves, their fellow peers at schools and ultimately the community at large. This will in turn help realise the dream to curb educational inequality in Malaysia.




Through the campaign #IamPrivileged, Small Changes had continued its efforts to tackle education inequality by conducting a brand-new camp in Johor with the same end goal: to empower and inspire. Seeds of Deeds (“SOD”) Reinforced, as the name states, is a camp that reinforces the above-mentioned goal through a follow up camp with the same beneficiaries from the original Seeds of Deeds Main Camp done the previous year.

This 3-day camp enabled us to see the growth and changes in the beneficiaries that have attended the SOD Main Camp. The modules for the reinforced camp were designed to be more challenging to test their capabilities in aspects of intellect, social skills and confidence.  Since the beneficiaries were in Form 5, the main focus was on their academic performance particularly English through writing, speaking and listening activities. Additionally, the goal of the camp was to instill confidence and inculcate moral values in the beneficiaries. 

 Follow-up camps are believed to be vital in empowering the students as it further supplements the skills and knowledge previously inculcated. 




Project Aspire to Inspire (“ATI”) is a long-term project initiative by Small Changes which focuses on the socio-economic development of  the Orang Asli community where the adults’ soft skills are enhanced and educational empowerment of children are prioritised. In 2018, the plan revolved around the adage “the Unbroken Dream”. ATI aimed to serve as a platform for this community to achieve their dreams and give them hope to dream big regardless of their circumstances.

To realise this goal, monthly sewing classes were conducted for the community’s adults from June until August with one major sewing workshop in collaboration with GiatMARA Muar on the 24th & 25th March 2018. This was to ensure that the participants acquired proper certification for the obtained skill. The prospects of the 3-month workshop include basic introduction of the sewing machine, materials stitches and measurements as well as sewing trainings with the help of skilled mentors.

Meanwhile, educational workshops were conducted for the children in the months of February, April, June and July with 3M (Membaca, Menulis, Mengira) as the main focus. Workshops were conducted with the goal to evoke the children’s interest towards education, providing exposure and enhancing their basic skills to allow them to compete in the playing field.

Sustainability was also taught to both adults and children through the launching of “Guardians of Aspire” whereby they took turns to manage a mini library and sewing workplace. Both the workshop and educational camp yielded a big impact on the community and positive reviews were received from the villagers.