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Small Changes is looking for new members! Interested in starting your volunteering journey? Check out our available positions below and see which fits you best!

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Departments Available:

Roles & job scope

Executive Board

General Requirements

  • Open to all Malaysian youths (based in Malaysia and abroad). 
  • Can be students or working adults.
  • Able to give full commitment for the projects throughout the 21/22 term (Nov 2021 – Oct 2022) which includes main summer programmes in July and August.
  • Understand, sustain and internalise the 4 core values of Small Changes; Empowerment, Volunteerism, Them Before Us and Creating Social Consciousness.
  • Prior experiences with Small Changes is not required.

Strategic Planning

  • Individuals with a creative flair, who are multi-skilled in designing graphics and editing videos to communicate ideas, inform and captivate our audience. 
  • Create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media which includes posters and publications, teasers, promotional videos. 
  • Produce desired visuals using appropriate software (Adobe Photoshop or etc.).
  • To work closely with Project Management, Finance and the Secretary with the design and presentation of the final report.
  • In charge of video editing (including liaising with respective events and projects’ PIC and making amendments to the posters).

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