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What Is SC Virtual Run?

SC Virtual Run is a virtual fitness event first organised by Small Changes back in 2020. The aim of the event was to start the year of 2020 with the concept of healthy lifestyle and to provide a platform for the committee, volunteers and the public to do charity. 

This year, the “Small Changes: Virtual Run 2021” is one of the initiatives we would like to roll out as our biggest fundraising activities of the year while fusing the concept of healthy living and continuing the spirit of giving and charity from the holy month of Ramadhan. We plan to provide a platform for volunteers and participants to celebrate their Aidilfitri with the sense of giving back to the community while starting their post-fasting month with healthy activity.

The idea of a virtual run provides participants the autonomy to participate in a charity at their leisure. It allows for participants to choose “where” they want to run, “how fast” they want to go and “with whom” they would like to run with. The run is a win-win-win situation where participants are donating an amount of money depending on the distance they ran to Small Changes. Small Changes then will channel all of the money to execute all of the projects listed for the year 2021.

Proceeds from “Small Changes: Virtual Run 2021” will be directed for Small Changes’ educational empowerment projects. By participating in this event, you have the chance to nurture the minds of underprivileged students across Malaysia through our projects. Knowledge can change the world, let’s start with theirs.