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In line with our value of empowering communities through education, Project Aspire to Inspire (ATI), focuses on a specific subset of the Malaysian demographic. Our past ATI projects were mainly focused on Orang Asli communities in states such as Johor and Pahang. However, starting from 2019, we identified a need to work together with refugee communities, who make up 0.5% of Malaysia’s population.

Keeping in mind that continuous development is crucial particularly for toddlers and adolescents, ATI has the capacity to provide aid in terms of learning. Our learning modules are curated according to the specific needs of the target community. In the long run, ATI has the potential to bridge Malaysians and refugees, especially through the process of raising awareness.

Looking through a magnifying glass, the main goal of ATI: Refugee Edition is to empower the refugee children and youths through education. We plan to conduct the project for a period of three months. In ATI: Refugee Edition, Small Changes will be collaborating with a chosen refugee centre within the Klang Valley area, to conduct biweekly programmes to further enhance these youths’ harmony, capabilities and independence in society.