Much like our other projects, Beanstalk holds onto the adage of education empowerment. Through project Beanstalk, we aim to serve a distinct population in Malaysia, orphaned children. Beanstalk’s modules are specifically curated to expose beneficiaries on the importance of education and communication through English. We envision Beanstalk to be a platform for current and future beneficiaries to feel comfortable communicating in English without the fear of judgment.

Beanstalk also has the capacity to become a training ground for orphans to apply what they have learned in school when it comes to English communication. Through it, we would like to reduce communication barriers that may exist among our beneficiaries. In the  future,  we  hope  to  expand  Project  Beanstalk  to  become  a  platform  that  accommodates more than just communication through English but other learning themes as well i.e. technology, computer information and financial literacy.



The aim of this year’s 🌱Project Beanstalk🌱 is to equip these children with the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles and succeed in their future endeavors. Small Changes has reached out to specific orphanage centers to offer these modules and support their development.

Through this initiative, Small Changes hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of these children, who may face unique challenges due to their circumstances. By providing them with tools for success, the organization believes it can help them break free from the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for themselves.

To reach new heights through Project Beanstalk, the committees has brainstormed and drafted three modules and themes:

🍀 Discover Your Interest

  • To allow students to identify and share their personal strengths and personalities.
  • To motivate students to work hard and not give up in order to achieve their goals.

🍀 English Proficiency

  • To create a safe space for the students to speak comfortably in English without being judges in addition to others can learn more about the speaker.
  • To guide them in understanding English as a whole.

🍀 Self development

  • To encourage students to practise self awareness when dealing with stressful situations.
  • Encourage practise of sympathy and empathy towards others in their daily life.