Much like our other projects, Beanstalk holds onto the adage of education empowerment. Through project Beanstalk, we aim to serve a distinct population in Malaysia, orphaned children. Beanstalk’s modules are specifically curated to expose beneficiaries on the importance of education and communication through English. We envision Beanstalk to be a platform for current and future beneficiaries to feel comfortable communicating in English without the fear of judgment.

Beanstalk also has the capacity to become a training ground for orphans to apply what they have learned in school when it comes to English communication. Through it, we would like to reduce communication barriers that may exist among our beneficiaries. In the  future,  we  hope  to  expand  Project  Beanstalk  to  become  a  platform  that  accommodates more than just communication through English but other learning themes as well i.e. technology, computer information and financial literacy.