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SOD Exalted was created with the aim to equip Form 4 students with industry-relevant skills through financial, media and information technology literacy modules. Besides exercising English as the primary mode of communication, these exposures are believed to carry the capacity of providing the students with access to quality education.

In 2019, we introduced an expansion to our approach for the SOD camps by refining our modules in order to equip our beneficiaries with the necessary skills that would help them develop into holistic individuals. We conducted 3-day camps in Melaka, Selangor and Penang simultaneously in two consecutive phases, involving similar pools of beneficiaries and focus of modules. The beneficiaries consisted of students with high potential from four selected secondary schools in the three aforementioned states.




SOD Reinforced was a follow-up from the camp conducted in 2018, in which a three-day camp was executed, consisting of 108 secondary school students from the previous main camp carried out in Pasir Gudang, Johor. The participating schools include SMK Kota Masai, SMK Kota Masai 2, SMK Pasir Gudang 3, SMK Taman Nusa Damai, SMK Seri Alam and SMK Ulu Tiram. The camp focused on three primary aspects, which are:

  • Empowering rural youths with role models and exposure to knowledge outside academia
  • Further enrich and maximize their potential
  • Monitor the students’ progress




Project Aspire to Inspire (ATI) is an initiative that would empower the refugee communities to undertake any opportunities made available to them. The refugee children in Malaysia have been denied access to formal education and thus, obtain education via an informal parallel system of 128 community-based learning centres. 

With this in mind, Small Changes collaborated with Fugee School in conducting biweekly programs focusing on education, career opportunity and cultural appreciation involving 40-50 refugee youths and children. The theme selected for project ATI was “Humanising Differences” which exhibits the necessity of neutralising the differences faced by the refugees daily and emphasised on elevating their quality of life.