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Over the past 10 years, SOD projects have been successfully executed to meet the standards set by our organisation. What started off as a motivational camp has now morphed into an empowerment camp serving beneficiaries, mainly students, in underprivileged communities. With English as the main medium of communication, Seeds of Deeds (SOD) aims to tackle the issue of education inequity. As such, the selection of schools is based on suggestions from education departments at both state and municipal levels as well as recent reports from the Department of Statistics Malaysia and the Ministry of Education Malaysia. In 2019, an astounding percentage (69%) of schools in Malaysia located in rural areas were found to lack sufficient access to educational resources. As such, we aim to equip these under-served students with the knowledge and soft skills they’ll need to effectively grasp opportunities that come their way.

Our SOD projects continue to thrive with the help of motivated volunteers, who have been exposed to experiences that we deem to be valuable in the development of Malaysian human capital. In 2020, we aspire to continue empowering underserved communities who remain deprived of the much needed opportunities that they deserve

Through Seeds of Deeds, the students will be exposed to various focused modules, which will not only bolster their knowledge but also allow them to hone skills that would mould them into holistic individuals capable of facing the new, exigent millennial world. We plan to inculcate elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which include self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, intrinsic motivation and social skills because we believe that having EI opens gateways to powerful learning and is an important stepping stone to success.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in consideration for the health and safety of both beneficiaries and facilitators, we decided to execute SOD 2021 virtually via Zoom. For this particular year, not only did we get to empower the lives of 71 beneficiaries in total, but we also successfully conducted Small Changes’ flagship project virtually for the first time in history.

It is our hope that this is an opportunity for youths to be inspired by the continuous acts of kindness and to broaden their horizons and perspectives. We are currently recruiting volunteers for Seeds of Deeds 2022. Apply now before it’s too late!